Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can be defined as 'the process through which an individual maintains and extends theIR knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong professional competence'


Why do CPD?

The importance of keeping up to date is particularly necessary in today's demanding society, which expects high standards and accountability from all. CPD is a useful tool for achieving and demonstrating such ability and competence.

Knowing exactly what counts towards CPD illustrates the number of activities you currently participate in that would count towards an annual submission. Our CPD scheme is wide ranging as we appreciate our candidates come from many different industries, with many different requirements from one another.   Which is why Skills Passport focuses on you as the individual, not as a number. 

PestWise CPD scheme is focused on public health pests - mainly in connection with rodent control and use of rodenticides (CRRU) as well as demonstration of continual progress for trade association membership requirements. However each user is unique and as such each user can present their own CPD activities - based on the skills that are required for individual day to day professional lives.

We also help you with available courses and events. We set a high standard for our courses and webseminars. By attending, you'll be able to gain knowledge and understanding from industry tutors, focused updates and courses, as well as receive certificated badges for all activities undertaken,  These badge can inturn be used as part of your business or social marketing

Video of the CPD session completed 13th May 2021.

Recording of CPD event 08.04.21

Tier 3

This presentation has been created and provided by CRRU and covers environmental risk assessments.

It is designed to provide an overview and update around the requirements of the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) as required prior to all baiting applications.

Author: Iain Turner (crru uk best practice work group).

Tier 1

This presentation covers the ‘burrow baiting’ technique including justification and mitigation measures when adopting this approach.
Authors: Avril Turner (CRRU UK Best Practice Work Group), Dr Matthew Davies (CRRU UK Training and Certification Work Group) and Dr Alan Buckle (Chair of CRRU UK).
Completion should take around 30 minutes.