What is PestWisePRO?

PestWise PRO is an independent pan industry register of pest management professionals (PMPs) and semi-professionals.

The number of registered individuals is increasing rapidly as the platform is becoming recognised across a number of industries.

Why register with PestWisePRO?

For you as a professional, firstly it demonstrates that you are committed to knowledge and have received a competent level of training and knowledge. It further helps to ensure your skills and knowledge are up to date, and the professional standard of your service delivery and qualifications are maintained.

The platform provides an electronic passport for registered users to store and maintain their certificates and qualifications and to achieve and record their CPD (Continual Professional Development) activities.

These skills and competencies can then easily be presented to customers / trade associations as a demonstration of due diligence and skills achieved to-date.

Other advantages of registering incude:

  • PestWisePRO allows users to upload previous qualifications and certificates and for the platform to become an electronic record of skills, learning activities and CPD.
  • PestWise PRO registration is confirmation that an individual has attained and is prepared to spend time keeping knowledge up todate through CPD.
  • Demonstration of skills and knowledge has the market advantage (over competitors) as the platform allows skills profiles to be emailed to customers to support a quote or tender process.
  • Individuals have a independently verified training and skills record, which can support due diligence and competence.

How do I register?

PestWisePRO is open to all certificated individuals who operate within the public health industry or are users of public health products. Simply click on THIS LINK to be redirected to Paypal and submit your payment details, the platform will then email you all the necessary instructions.

Do I need to register with any CPD scheme?

Presently (Jan 2021) the answer to this is no, however increasingly more and more customers are asking for demonstration of CPD and as conditions of use around pesticides becomes stricter, future legislation may require users to hold a CPD registration.

How much does it cost?

Two* categories of registration exist:

Associate Pestwise Pro –
this provides the CPD passport and many CPD events. Discounts are available for more events and activities which will automatically be recorded on your PestWisePRO CPD profile.
Annual Fee: £ 30 – click here to continue
Master Pestwise Pro –
this provides the CPD passport and CPD events – it also includes access to many professional use courses, to help you achieve the annual points requirements of trade associations. Courses are consistently accessible, no need to book in advance and no added costs for time away from work or travel, etc.
One place for all you need to help demonstrate skills and a commitment to your profession.
Annual Fee: £ 55 – click here to continue

*Group registration is also available – please email support@skillspassport.org

*Membership of either NPTA or BPCA (or being a local authority) will attract discounts, please contact us for a discount voucher.

CRRU CPD events

Users of professional rodenticides need to hold a CRRU recognised certificate.

Ongoing there is a push+ from HSE (Health and Safety Executive) for all users to be registered on a CPD scheme and to continually keep knowledge up to-date around the best practise for the use of rodenticides.

All individuals registered on PestWisePRO will automatically receive all CRRU updates and training sessions, included in either annual package.

+CRRU Training and certification committee to provide updates and notifications will be passed to all those registered on PestWisePRO.